Visualisation for Picture Framers

Enriching the Point Of Sale experience


This software tool for picture framers will visualise the picture frame displaying an on-screen preview prior to framing the job.

Pre-View will remotely control an attached camera directly from the computer, enabling you to take a digital image and present an on-screen visualisation of the finished picture frame.

Pre-View in Action Skewed Needlework Visualisation

Pre-View Features

  • Skewed needlework can be squared up on-screen.
  • Often used framing styles can be saved in a favourites list. Using favourites enables very rapid visualisation.
  • The built in Canon camera capture utility gives full remote control of the camera from the computer screen, it also automatically scales each image taken, making measurements unnecessary. The output from any other type of camera can be used, and the program can be configured to link to third party remote capture software.
  • Visualized jobs can be instantly priced by EstLite frame pricing software, but any other POS pricing system could easily utilise the output from Pre-View.
  • Visualised jobs can be sent to the printer or emailed as an attachment.
  • Compiles lists of mounts and mouldings for later instant retrieval, or these elements can be defined at design time.
  • Frames can be stacked, and mounts can be enhanced with fillets, V-grooves, and caption windows.
  • During a session any previous framing style can be instantly recalled for easy comparison.
  • Single or dual monitors.

Pre-View Tutorials

Flash animation tutorials will open in a new window & may take some time to load. Please be patient.
Easy Vizualisation
Frame Visualization using Favourites
Add a Moulding
Adding a moulding to the moulding list
Skewed Needlework?
Square up a skewed needlework

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